Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Reflection on Practicum

I felt that my practicum experience benefited my education. I learned a lot about children and how they function in a class. I had no Idea that in Elementary school we were so rambunctious.
  My lesson with my partner was definitely a learning experience. We had the most misbehaved kindergarten class to work with, so it was an adventure. I'm all for kids being kids, but it's an entirely different story when you need to direct them. I feel my partner and I were opposites in this. She was very nice, but didn't have the necessary tools to command the students behavior, whereas I knew the students and there class procedure, but I was so stressed I came across as cold and mean. I definitely want to change that. if this were a higher level of students,I would have been seen as the teacher no one wants. I need more experience. Thankfully, I am going abroad to observe classes overseas, and hopefully I will pick up on something there.
  My favorite kid I helped was J. J had a hard time getting projects done on time. He would waste time and never finish. One day, he said he wouldn't be able to finish a one day project, and I told him he could if he focused on the project. Not only did he finish, but he had time to spare. The same thing happened with his next project. When he was done, he drew pictures for me and made me "money" (I wish it was real, but I appreciated the gesture). He even made me a crown, because I am a queen (his words, not mine). Somehow, I inspired this kid to be motivated and get his work done on time!
 Overall, it didn't scare me, it just made me want my own classroom MORE. Working with these children has opened my eyes to what children are like in a real classroom. they get distracted easily, some kids take more attention than others, and no day will go as planned. As a teacher, we need to do the best we can, and most importantly, keep our spirits up, because they look to us, and their mood depends on us.

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