Thursday, March 10, 2016

second week of practicum

  The fifth graders started a new project. They are exploring abstract portraits. They chose to either make a portrait in Fauvism or Cubism, the difference being either using irregular colors or making geometrically shaped faces. Mrs. L gave the students a rubric explaining what she was looking for, but she didn't demonstrate. She explained that she didn't want to give them any ideas on what to do. When they started their rough sketches, I saw what she meant. I saw at least three students copy from the portraits that were on the whiteboard. However, I did see a lot of students make great original portraits. I can't wait to see how they turn out.
  I think the one thing I envy about these students is the freedom they get in their classroom. I've seen the fifth graders choose an animal, artistic style, they didn't even need to make a portrait of an actual person! And the kindergartners got to chose their patterns and got to draw their own near and far drawing. They get way more freedom in class than I did when I was their age. When I was in school, we had to do everything EXACTLY the same way as the teacher. It was terrible. I know that I want my students to have the same amount of artistic freedom that Mrs. L gives her students.

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