Monday, March 21, 2016

Today was somewhat awkward. Mrs. L was in the hallway, and I could hear her talk about me to another teacher. I heard her say that she gets along with me, but that i'm very headstrong, hands-on with the students, and concerned about the students.
  This upset me. Yes, I have been hands on and concerned about the students. Part of the ed tpa standards is I need to learn students names and the context for learning, which means I need to talk to them. I do know that sometimes I linger on some students, but thats because they are struggling or telling me concerning things. If a student has a bruise on their face, and doesn't want to tell you why, that's concerning. The only reason I linger is because I know that Mrs. L is around to help the other students.
  I don't know if I agree on the word Headstrong. the word is defined as " being set in ones ways, stubborn." It has come to my attention early on in the semester by my program director that I do come off this way, and I let Mrs. L know that if I ever came off this way, I wanted her to tell me so I can change it. I honestly have tried my best to listen to her, and I thought I was doing things the way she wanted me to do. And then I heard this, and I don't know what to say. I really wish she would have told me these things right away. I can't change a behavior I didn't know I had. I need to learn, and not telling me these things to my face won't help me.
  I'm just so confused. I need help.

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